Wedding video

Micro-film dynamic video, through the SDE clips
Morning married or wedding ceremony pictures
Synchronization of diners to share with guests, and laughter as everyone infected with ceremony and moved

Wedding design of micro-film.Shooting.Make

Wedding, each Act oath's words, each of the friends and relatives to give Thanksgiving blessing applause and eye contact,
Sweat and smile in every test, after many years of happy and able to reproduce these images,
In addition to dynamic video, nothing can replace, do you not?


Romantic tight deep + angle + beautiful and elegant lens, allowing you to become the leading actor in the film.


單機 雙 機
單儀式/單宴客 NT$ 22,000起 NT$ 30,000起
單儀式+午宴 NT$ 27,000起 NT$ 38,000起
雙儀式+午宴 或 單儀式+晚宴 NT$ 30,000起 NT$ 40,000起
雙儀式+晚宴 NT$ 33,000起 NT$ 43,000起

* If you need more than three or more video, welcome to shop contact!


Wedding the true picture of each record, will be common to all family and friends with your memories.

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單 機
單儀式/單宴客 14,000元起
單儀式+午宴 16,000元起
單儀式+晚宴 18,000元起
雙儀式+晚宴 20,000元起

* If you need to more than double or multiple machine EFP video shoot, welcome to shop contact!