Wedding Planning

Our best auspices and planning

Find a wedding consultant is to assist you in the shortest possible time to understanding all things wedding, as well as the best partner to accompany you during the preparations for the complex.

A thousand on wedding services experience we always first noticed the couple did not pay attention to small details in the wedding scene,

These so-called marriage of tele-response and details, creating a perfect wedding present.Find the best hope, is that each couple can enjoy the wedding moment beautiful.


Wedding scene to assist NT$ 3,600
Wedding manpower services NT$28,000

Wedding Scene To Assist

Home control:
For you busy in the wedding scene, professional to confirm various matters and coordinate the relevant personnel, precise details of implementation for you, allow you to use the most calm elegant attitude for the most important day.

Under control:
Paired with home control Rapport through your site, needed to assist newcomers and remind ready at any time.Activities of spare; lifting on your tension and worries.

Audio control:
Each and every aspect of the climate control, not just on host scintillating witticisms, but to mix professional audio controller design switch now the right music at the right time for you, so that the whole wedding more colorful.

Wedding Manpower Services

  • Venues instead of looking for confirmation and grades
  • Location scouting and assistance
  • Wedding theme design assistance
  • Surrounding integration of resources
  • Co-ordination related and manufacturer
  • Regularly updated preparations
  • Wedding planning design processes
  • Wedding rundown of recommendation
  • Wedding music planning design
  • Spatial arrangement recommendation
  • Send invitations(postage extra)
  • Wedding site communication and coordination
Wedding Ceremony


Engagement rituals services NT$ 15,800
Marrying rituals service NT$ 15,800
Merger and acquisition deals NT$ 25,800UP

    Engagement rituals
  • Wending ritual planning processes
  • Ritual schedule recommendations
  • Rituals supplies Introduction
  • Site ritual guide and path planning
  • Ritual guide field control officers two
    Marry rituals
  • Marry ritual planning processes
  • Ritual schedule recommendations
  • Rituals supplies Introduction
  • Ritual and route planning guidance
  • Ritual guide field control staff of three