Wedding photos

Our wedding photography team of professional and experienced
Their full length high definition camera types
For weddings and you touching on the screen

Wedding photography.Taking pictures.Make

Through the photographer's lens, the moment you capture the most beautiful
Through the photographer's lead, most natural interaction with friends and family for you records
Press the shutter the moment, a touching moment, are a wedding blessing, permanent memories


On the day of your wedding through our team of wedding photography, wedding ceremonies, activities under the record content, parents blessing pictures, shoot your wedding is the most important figure of happiness.


單 機
單儀式/單宴客 NT$ 20,000起
單儀式+午宴 NT$ 24,000起
雙儀式+午宴 或 單儀式+晚宴 NT$ 28,000起
雙儀式+晚宴 NT$ 32,000起

* The schedule of distribution as the main photographer, if you specify depends on the different photographer charged fee as specified in
* If you have any video of two or more machine, welcome to shop contact