Presided And Planning
Planning Your Wedding And Presided

A wedding just eating dinner, gathered here in this rare party guests listen to the two of you touching stories, enjoy the ambience of happiness and joy left the most beautiful memories of the day!


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Presided Over The Wedding

Wedding host to in-line spindle of wedding day soul, find music for your choice of hosts is a rich host experience, not just the wedding, including events, conferences, press release, product presentations, and so on … The site, one could often see figure to look for hosts.

Moderator style, tongue, the source of our improvisations is compatible with the texture on the wedding day, choose the one that suits you and has professional experience in the host, will leave the deepest impression for you and your guests.


Wedding Presided NT$ 8,000 UP
(Specify the Presided offers, please contact service personnel)